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Xavi Magrinyà

About Me

Product management at heart

MSc. in Computer Science living in Helsinki. I have 5+ years of experience managing teams of different sizes in different leadership positions like CEO, CTO and Product Lead.SaaS companies usually struggle with the same thing: focusing on building the right thing. Doing it while keeping a good company culture and having everybody aligned towards the same goals is hard.My approach to these problems is pragmatic and effective, always trying to maximise the outcomes to bring more revenue and growth.

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Get a full review of the current status of your SaaS company to get a better understanding of the main problems you are having and how to solve them.

Objectives and Key Results

Have everyone in your company aligned towards the same goals using the OKR framework. Align your teams and make them focus on the metrics that matter.

Product Management

Focus on building the right things right. Learn how to deliver incremental value to your customers and measure the impact of it.


Your customers hire your product to do a job. Find out what's yours and how to get ahead of your competition by delivering innovative solutions.

Product Strategy

Make your product unique by delivering a differentiated value proposition. Building a good product strategy is crucial for your business to succeed.

Outcome-Driven Innovation

Innovation starts by understanding the job that the customer is trying to do and maximizing all the outcomes. This framework allows companies to better understand these outcomes to find out innovative solutions.

❛ The value is in what gets used, not in what gets built ❜

— Kris Gale


This is what some customers think

Nico Rotstein

The product workshop taught us how to better structure our approach to feature discovery and prioritisation. Furthermore, it gave us simple yet useful tools to assist non-technical colleagues in problem solving within their own domain.

Nico Rotstein

CTO at Kodit.io



Evaluate your business

  • Find the biggest bottlenecks
  • Full audit report
  • Measurable and concrete solutions

Product Management

For SaaS companies

  • Hands-on product management
  • Measurable results
  • Leverage the potential of your business

Product Strategy

Make your SaaS product unique

  • Strategy workshops
  • Product strategy report
  • Competitor and market analysis